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my last entry i suppose..   
09:00pm 13/12/2004
mood: nostalgic and sad.

Dearest Pokemybutt livejournal account,

It's been fun, but i must end the madness. i cant stand livejournals anymore..especially since mine has decided to no longer work. i have realized that livejournals are more of a summery thing and too much shit goes down in them and they make me really miss summer and it makes me sad..i miss hanging out with all those kids from nearby towns, and sneaking out, and the beach and boogie boarding and more beach with sam while he played his crappy john mayerness on his guitar. and sleeping in and no school and new adventures everyday and ohio and learning alot about people....sniffle...i miss when i was little and playing with barbies with leanne too and the kitchen set and when me and her like raphael in 4th grade..tehe

well yes, i hope this circle of friends thing i have this year gets better. i hope everyone stops talking about everyone behind their backs..and i hope everyone remains really good friends. i also hope that when people have problems with other people, they tell that person instead of telling others and starting lame drama that belongs in the central school. i duno if this entry is the right place to state that but whatev..it already has been written.

matt just made me so sad cus he talked about moving after graduating and tear tear..but we are running away to canada together so its ok i guess :(

geez i had so many cool quote thingys when i first wrote this entry..every really good friend of mine stated something..but it all got deleted cus i am too retarded for livejournals. :(

but yea maybe i will write again someday..once i get my sweet camera i will so post like a thousand pictures..but y'all wont be hearing from me on this..so call if you desperately wanna know whats going on in my life..


Sincerely with love, Hallie Kay Faulkenberry


ps..this entry makes like no sense but i dont careeee



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07:30pm 12/12/2004
mood: the afterness of being high
so this weekend was cool

i ate crayons.
and colored pencils.

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so true, so true   
03:01pm 09/12/2004
mood: dancey
the birdcage is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

i love this movie.
and even though my livejournal has gone blind, i am going to keep writing in it.
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18 more days..   
09:39pm 06/12/2004
mood: awake

matt: on a cool scale like 1 -10
matt: your about a 10 1/2


what is going on with my livejournal lately? i think its dying ): or somebody meanly sabatoged it..0-:


happy birthday steph a nee <3

I go Flying So high...   
07:08pm 28/11/2004
mood: cynical
why do people only consider themselves? what happened to caring about other people?

blah, livejournals are overrated.
"Skindred" officially sucks and i came crashing down like a drunk on a bottle of rum.

G'night. ♥
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well this has been swell..   
05:40pm 25/11/2004
mood: pleasantly full
first off i must say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. hope your day was grand <33

so yea the sophomores beat the seniors in the hall decorating contest. i was pretty happy about that one let me tell you. it was kinda lame though how sarah langlois was found in our hall, during the time they forced us to clean it all up, ripping down stuff from our walls. she should have been in her hallway ripping down all of their things. but whatev. she just sucks all around.

i went to the spaghetti dinner too yesturday. i realized i hate spaghetti. but i got in for free so it was all ok. and i hung out with like the whole football team..they bought pellet guns and we had a war. yummah. jay won me a plainfield hat too so yea i've so got school spirit now.

then today i woke up at 7 and got all ready for the panther plunge. yea that was interesting. it was cold and my nipples were probably hard when i was coming out of the water so thats always good...:-S
so then me and Sam went to the game which wasn't all that entertaining. the highlight of that one was this guy Sam worked with mistaking me for Sam's "woman" hahaha Sam was like uhm thats my sister..gahhh..then me and Sam went home and fell asleep while watching elf and then somehow some muppet christmas movie. turkey came next and of course mommy bought the sparkling apple cider to make me feel like a grow up driking alcohol. shes so sweet <3

"im in love im in love and i dont care who knows it." eee i love this holidayy :)
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happy birthday shala!!   
09:51pm 23/11/2004
mood: accomplished

yea so i just spent 13 hours in school..all for the love of hall decorating

but seriously, our hallway = awesome (i must say i like the junior's hallway too)

yaya go candy land! (if sarah langlois touches it..ooh i will cry)


Thanksgiving Soon! oh man oh man oh man...everyone who is anyone go watch me jump into a freeezing pond on saturday at 8 <3

bye lovers.

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this weekend sucked....   
09:03pm 21/11/2004
mood: sdkfjaklsdfdd
but today i saw SANTA
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03:07pm 19/11/2004
mood: my tummy feels funny

"i think everyone starts to look like animals as they get older." -mumsy

yea i was talking about how ms longbons looks like a horse and ms keith a dinosaur and yea she said that. made my night grand.

well life in general has been kinda shitty...and ive been kinda mean so this is to all the people that i was mean to...

look at me look at meCollapse )

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fyck you.   
04:49am 13/11/2004
mood: negative nancy who is tired
ok so homecoming started off cool. met some new people. danced alot and didnt really know what the fuck was going on.

then it started sucking.

ok so we took these caffeine pills. the bottle said 1 every 3-4 hours.
i took 6 in a time limit of less than an hour.

lesson learned mofuggas.

im so sick.
i had to leave shalas at 1 in the morning on account of i thought i was going to puke my brains out.

and of course the car ride SUCKED cus its fucking snowing and the roads were horrible. but at least my momma loves me enough to come get me when i have fucked up my entire existance.

so i cant sleep and that would be why i am updating my lj at 4:53 in the morning.

yea so uhm fuck pills
fuck sleep
and fuck livejournals.

ps..i tried to make myself puke because of the shittyness factor. all it did was make me feel like a cheap bulimic.
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12:49pm 11/11/2004
mood: thirsty

check it out check it out check it out

my new hairCollapse )

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the moon makes faces at the trees   
09:14pm 08/11/2004
mood: pessimistic
gah. theres this new crush...and only stephanator knows about it. but this is how the story always goes:

girl: hey
boy: hey

girl: (flirty) you have nice eyes.
boy: thanks. (flirty) you have nice boobs.

girl: (tehe giggle ah) thanks. (do do awkward silence do do)
girl: so i think i might like you..

boy: ....................... (and this is where you insert your own response)
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check it out...   
08:53pm 04/11/2004
mood: sleepy

this has got to be one of the hottest couples yet.

hot damn.


hey uhm is anyone else going to homecoming??

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its a cruel, cruel summer   
02:55pm 03/11/2004
mood: break dancey
oh geez its been awhile..

life is kinda lame lately. my mom is catching on to the whole smoking thing. gah. not good.
and this whole thing with me + jamie is odd... i ended it cus i dont wanna fuck things up and ruin like everything i have with him. and i never really get to see him and it sucks. blah. :(

not crafy at all.

i duno what else to write about...senses fail/silverstein show was rather amazing...uhmmm halloween sucked..and i am never sleeping over austin's ever again. me and shala decided that while we were hiding.

uhm does anyone know if a tree really fell near me and megan and steph on halloween? because we werent sure if we made that up or not.


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ma milkshake brungs all the bois to the yurd   
04:18pm 17/10/2004
mood: i feel lik eim gonna pukeeee
this weekend = crasy.

i dont really remember all that happened at Austin's but it still was really crasy.

i duno what went down in that bed with that kid, but it must have been nice.

Jamie Anderson = my new favorite person <3

Stephanator Topping = someone i like to hang out with alot.

i feel like im going to puke up my weekend. arggggg :(
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i'm eating everlasting gobstoppers....   
02:16pm 14/10/2004
mood: weird
today i got to see what my heart looks like on an ultra sound machine thingy.

it was pretty cool i guess.
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i wish you were here...   
04:04pm 12/10/2004
mood: i need to pee
this weekend i:
-had fun at Shala's
-got woken up by a rooster and BKAWed at it
-played too much soccer
-ate alot of pie...three cheers for Seamus!
-made some sweet skirts (SHL! yay)
-drove to massachusetts and back with a bunch of people..mm ghosts
-played the Sims for many a hour
-uhhhhh made Ryan W's hair look mighty cool

it was a good, good weeekend.

Senses Fail Show very soon. check Steph's lj for exact amount of days.

drop a comment sweethearts <345567
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jump jive and wail.   
05:36pm 03/10/2004
mood: mmm
i like playing ping-pong for hours straight while listening to 50's swing music.
it is my new passion.

anyone wanna come over and play ping-pong?

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i can make a mess like nobody's business.   
11:08am 02/10/2004
mood: dancey but tired.
dance dance dance

the "halloween fright fest 2004" was grand.

i won funniest costume..and after made out with my flamingo. yea i wasn't the only one, he was just so hot.

and there was the one point where i felt like i was at a rave cause there was techno music playing and a strobe light and foggy stuff. it was so cool.

me+steph danced to footloose too.

it was such a happy time. genuinely happy. not the fake kind.
little diddy bout jack and diane..   
09:46pm 23/09/2004
mood: content
TaintedLove218: the hanukah fairsy butt
xxChokeOnThis: chicken butt
xxChokeOnThis: gheckafairus butt?
xxChokeOnThis: yeah hanukah

i heart him so much. he made me laugh for quite some time with that one.

ahhhaha yea. i dont like to write in here anymore. all this thing does is cause drama. ew. actually theres no drama. i duno what im talking about lol. ahh im in such a spacey mood. its so cool.

so tonight i hung out with stephanieeee and peanneee and i heart them ohh so mucho. i laughed. alot. it was good. for my soul/ aha. i dont get why im writing in here...its such a waste.

uhmm me and derek are saving up to buy penguins so you should help too since me and derek never have money. :)


ps..does anyone have super cool plans for tomorrow? cus i think we alll should hang out just like we use to in the summer.
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